Herbal Sleep (100 caps)

Herbal Sleep (100 caps) Stock Number: 940-8 Retail Cost: $22.05 Our Cost: $14.70 [wp_cart:Herbal Sleep (100 caps) (Stock 940-8):price:14.70:shipping:1:end] [tab:Product Guide] Benefits: • Supports proper nervous system function. • Promotes restful sleep. • Provides soothing and calming properties. Description: Herbal Sleep [Nervous] promotes proper nervous system … [Read more...]

Valerian Root Extract T/R (60 tabs)

Valerian Root Extract T/R (60 tabs) Stock Number: 721-1 Retail Cost: $44.95 Our Cost: $29.95 [wp_cart:Valerian Root Extract T/R (60 tabs) (Stock 721-1):price:29.95:shipping:1:end] [tab:Product Guide] Valerian, Time-Release [Nervous]. This herb has been used as a sleep aid for over 1,000 years. Its ability to help relax the central nervous system, promote feelings of … [Read more...]

Melatonin Extra® (3 mg) (60 caps)

Melatonin Extra® (3 mg) (60 caps) Stock Number: 2830-4 Retail Cost: $26.55 Our Cost: $17.70 [wp_cart:Melatonin Extra (3 mg) (60 caps) (Stock 2830-4):price:17.70:shipping:1:end] [tab:Product Guide] Benefits • Helps promote the body's natural sleep rhythm. • Helps you feel more alert and rested after a night's sleep. • May help fight jet lag. • Possesses antioxidant … [Read more...]

Kava Kava Conc. (60 caps)

Kava Kava Conc. (60 caps) Stock Number: 405-9 Retail Cost: $38.25 Our Cost: $25.50 [wp_cart:Kava Kava Conc. (60 caps) (Stock 405-9):price:25.50:shipping:1:end] [tab:Product Guide] Benefits: • Helps muscles relax without dulling the senses. • Works on the central nervous system to promote relaxation, especially during stress and depression. • Promotes more restful sleep. • … [Read more...]