Tei Fu® Essential Oil (0.17 fl. oz.)

Tei Fu® Essential Oil (0.17 fl. oz.) Stock Number: 1618-7 Retail Cost: $17.65 Our Cost: $11.75 [wp_cart:Tei Fu® Essential Oil (0.17 fl. oz.) (Stock 1618-7):price:11.75:shipping:1:end] [tab:Product Guide] Benefits: •Invigorates the mind and stimulates the respiratory system. •Offers cleansing, refreshing and softening properties. •Contains mood-enhancing scents. Tei-Fu® … [Read more...]

Stress Relief TCM Conc. (30 caps)


Stress Relief TCM Conc. (30 caps) Stock Number: 1033-5 Retail Cost: $62.65 Our Cost: $41.75 [wp_cart:Stress Relief TCM Conc. (30 caps) (Stock 1033-5):price:41.75:shipping:1:end] [tab:Product Guide] Benefits: •Nourishes the nervous system. •May optimize gastric function. •Supports circulatory health. Stress Relief TCM Concentrate, Chinese [Nervous] contains the same herbs … [Read more...]

Stress-J (100 caps)


Stress-J (100 caps) Stock Number: 1084-1 Retail Cost: $22.45 Our Cost: $14.95 [wp_cart:Stress-J (100 caps) (Stock 1084-1):price:14.95:shipping:1:end] [tab:Product Guide] Benefits: •Promotes natural calming •Supports proper stress mechanism function. •Aids proper digestion. •Provides help for occassional stress relief. Stress-J [Nervous]. This anti-stress formula … [Read more...]

SAM-e (200 mg Active) (30 tabs)

SAM-e (200 mg Active) (30 tabs) tock Number: 1845-2 Retail Cost: $51.25 Our Cost: $34.15 [wp_cart:SAM-e (200 mg Active) (30 tabs) (Stock 1845-2):price:34.15:shipping:1:end] [tab:Product Guide] Benefits: •Enhances mood. •Supports joints. •Promotes longevity by aiding the regeneration of new cells. •Facilitates muscle/nerve harmony. •Supports liver health and repair. SAM-e … [Read more...]

5-HTP Power (60 caps)

5-HTP Power (60 caps) Stock Number: 2806-4 Retail Cost: $33.55 Our Cost: $22.35 [wp_cart:5-HTP Power (60 caps) (Stock 2806-4):price:22.35:shipping:1:end] [tab:Product Guide] Benefits: •Improves sleep quality and duration. •Supports the nervous system and enhances mood. •May help decrease feelings of hunger. 5-HTP Power [Nervous] contains hydroxytryptophan, a precursor to … [Read more...]